367. Those Are The Facts

Not much noted in my calendar today, so I think we prioritized getting out of the apartment (while the usual pipe-work was going on) and to the second house we have borrowed in so many months. And then what?

Since there is not much in the calendar, as said, I think I probably chose to focus on Jay and Char for some reason, but it was likely a good one.… Read more

364. What We Have To Do With Forever

The day was spent with the final, final cleaning up and clearing out, while waiting for the workers who come tomorrow and tear out the pipes in the bath room and put new ones in – all in merely the course of 5 days. Luckily, as I believe I have mentioned before, we are able to borrow another house for the duration, at least in the daylight hours while the workers work.… Read more

363. Nothing Wrong

Today was the yearly Tivoli day for my niece, who had brought along my nephew – and then her mum to look after both of them, since Char and I was looking after Jay – and several thousand other people who we were trying not to get squashed by. Yes, we thought it might work to try a Saturday closer to Christmas instead of a Sunday some weeks back.… Read more