466. Stop

I have a really fucking long list of things to day that could keep me from doing something I really love, things that are Very Important – from cleaning house to searching for customers.

But I don’t do them.

I do the other thing.

And I realize more and more that this is what I have to do in order to get time to do that other thing – which I love.… Read more

456. My Blog or Your Blog?

My, my, as I write this I certainly feel it – another severe case of imposter-syndrome or whatever it is called; doubt … that The Blog is going to be of value to anyone.

And since I haven’t gotten around to carve out more time for connecting with other bloggers or potential readers much, to test my assumptions about the value or not … well, there is room for all sorts of doubts.… Read more

455. The Album Maker

Written on 20 March this post is indicative of … problems. At least with regard to keeping up blogging, and blogging about something that is … good. Meaning valuable. Meaning something I can believe is good and valuable for others.

With regard to catching up on both The Blog and my life, so to speak, things are messy right now and I don’t really know where to begin.… Read more

453. REVIEW: Art and Creativity

I’ve had some … pretty upending personal insights into what I want to do with my art in the foreseeable future. And how I want to do it – particularly with regard to my drawing.

But it’s been kind of … mind-boggling and I feel I really need to stop and take a look back at what led to this insight (which I promise to tell you more about in a post or two).… Read more

452. Enter … The Log

Okay, so now I have made the momentous decision to shift from trying to do every post as a sort of log or diary to only do it for select posts – with our without some Big Reflection on a Given Topic added to whatever I could want to share with you from my daily life on that particular date.… Read more