12. The Blessed Curse

Certain friendships and certain stories, have a very powerful effect on us in childhood and we keep coming back to them, hoping to find the heart from long ago in them. Even when our minds tell us it’s long gone.It is a testament to the power of the heart which is both a blessing and a curse.

It is a blessing because the power of heartful experiences by and large is what makes life feel full and rich.

It is a curse because the initial experience can be so powerful that it keeps us locked in.

It keeps us looking for the faint glow of the original experience. It keeps us looking for new embers which might use to fan the old flame …

… long after we are supposed to let it go and kindle a new fire in another place.

But on average, perhaps, it is a blessing that remains. For that is where it started.


11. Simple Power

Acting on the fear, putting something in motion, even if you don’t solve the fear … that probably has a positive effect. I’ve felt so on my own a number of times. Like when I make myself feel more mentally calm and ‘on course’, by just doing the dishes. Not frenzied action to escape unpleasant feelings. Orderly calm action with purpose, even if it doesn’t change anything right away or is substantially relevant to the feelings at hand.
Doing all the dishes doesn’t solve my unemployment problem, but it makes me feel that maybe I have what it takes to solve it myself. Even if that is only proved, when it is proved.


10. Into the Right Wind

Whatever makes you tick – that big grand Purpose you are searching for – it can never be Pure Forms, pure goodness in your mind – and especially not in reality. There is always this shatteringly real Wind-of-Messy-Fears blowing around you. And it seems to blow harder when you aim higher and try to do something Big with your life, like searching for and realizing a Purpose that will make a lot of difference to many people.


8. Never nothing

What do I tell my son when he gets old enough to understand a bit about war and injustice of the world? Problems too big to be changed in his lifetime. So big that most give up in advance. Perhaps I tell him that all that matters is that you still try. That you do Something. Never nothing.


1. The Best Position

Two people, out of the blue, approached me and gave me hope there was a demand for my services in my planned company, after I had struggled with myself about this issue for many hours and come to a decision:

I felt like despair but decided to affirm that I would get help eventually. Was this coincidence? I think not, but does it matter, if it works? Even if these people had not ‘popped up’ as quickly as they did after I made this decision to nurture faith and not despair, it would at least be a mindset that had given me a better, calmer place inside from which to fight – to make what I wanted real.