104. Let Me Not Forget

I have to tell stories to feel alive, it is that simple, and I know it and I am deeply regretful about the periods when I have forgotten it, for all sorts of ‘good reasons’. Or when I have doubted my ability to do it, to ever bring my storytelling out into the world in any meaningful form and therefore have stalled.

I have to keep fighting that and so the only way that makes sense is to do it one fight at a time, a few hundred words here and there – but regularly. Please let me not forget.


84. Keeping the Embers Alive

Then … at some point, give or take a baby’s upbringing and 1001 stressful workdays, there will be more order in the apartment again.

Or elsewhere. Or in my head. Whatever comes first …

Order enough so I feel better about sitting down somewhere and drawing for longer. In a suitable, good enough space. So it is actually physically possible to do it!

But the very first thing to do is to keep those embers in that space where they need to be always, no matter what:



78. Critical Questions

Maybe I – we – want so much to be perfect because we have been taught early on that a ‘pure record’ is the only way to be appreciated.

In school. By parents. By peers.

Maybe. It seems deeply ingrained.

And obviously critique, even if it’s just someone with a need to tell me I said “right” too many times during a live-talk – that still gets to me, despite years of experience.

But what are the standards? Who gets annoyed by 12 “rights”? Who gets annoyed by 25? Who gets annoyed by 5 in a row? Who feels 5 in a row constitutes the whole talk? And so on …

These kinds of critical questions usually short circuit when I am critiqued. I have to make an effort to call them up.

I’ll do better next, certainly, when I give a live-talk.

Afterwards I’ll ask ALL of the right questions about how I actually performed.