106. Constant Discovery

This is a quick sketch of Mary Strachan, the new main character of my new-new illustrated short story-series.

The series is not yet titled but I call it The Capables as a working title. Seemed like a good idea since it is from an old Japanese movie called The Dimension Travelers and, well, refers to people who can travel between dimensions, into alternate worlds.… Read more

104. Let Me Not Forget

Today I went to see St Joan (Bernard Shaw’s play) which quickened me a bit. Which was good, because I felt grey inside, as if mist had taken up residence in my heart – or swirled dangerously close.

I felt cut off from something vital, perhaps from supportive social circles for some of my higher goals of life, such as this blog and other things.… Read more

95. I May Live To Fail – And So Be It

Today my father (bless him) helped me start putting up the big new cupboard we bought for all our clothes and most of Jay’s.

Apartment was even more of a Mess, though, while we started working. I had to throw out the old cupboard and put all our clothes into room 2, which is already a messy store for pretty much everything from our previous lives which we haven’t been able to sort, give away or throw out yet.… Read more

78. Critical Questions

Just on my (delayed) way home from an otherwise succesful live-talk about the last Inca Princess.

I’ve done these historical talks – a hobby of mine – for years now. Good fun. Good side-income.

This one went well, too. Sort of.

On our way to the station the local organizer of the institution that had hired me to give the talk had a comment.… Read more