155. The Chance

The midwife called yesterday and pulled back the day for medical intervention to induce labor to Saturday. The original date was 16 May, but that was a mistake. It is the day he needs to be born. For safety reasons.

Char is 41, so they induce labor no more than a week past her calculated term.… Read more

150. Even Before You Have Had Them

Writing Wednesday evening I can say that if there is one positive thing that came out of the weekend’s tense but unfulfilled expectations about becoming parents, it must be that I no longer feel a need to be as ready as I felt that weekend.

There was a mental readiness that felt very insistent and which I tried to balance with a little work, a little house-chores, and a little relaxing among other things.… Read more

145. As It Should Be

Another day waiting for Jay to be born, and with only one thing certain: It’s going to be 13 May at the latest. Char is too old for them to let her go more than a week beyond term, so the doctors will see to it that the process is started.… Read more

140. So Many Before Us

Writing this Sunday evening and thinking about summer.

This afternoon we just had a visit by sister-in-law+kids, and a lot of talk about kids, and about having them.

It got me thinking again about what it’s going to be like – during summer, when we’ve been up all night and Jay is ill or something.… Read more

119. Looking Forward

After a long day with Client, I went home to meet up online with some old friends and do our role-playing thing. 25 years ago we started this way of meeting and we still do, although we no longer see each other often, in physical space. So be it.

I had looked forward to it, but the sessions fizzled a bit, because one of the guys had to look after sick children at the same time.… Read more