272. Joan of Dark

Been a long time since I thought about Joan of Arc.

But now I think I might go back to her, in an upcoming role-playing game (historical) with my good friends. And maybe I will also try to sell my old live-talk about her once again.

I’m fascinated by Joan, but not so much because of her ‘divine inspiration’ but rather because of the way she embodied, I think, being both human and ‘inspired’.… Read more

205. We Are Not Born As Saints, We Grow Into Them

I’ve been thinking more and more about using July for prepping my next historical live-talk about the real Robinson Crusoe – Scottish sailor, Alexander Selkirk. That’s going to be the deal, more or less, but the truth is … if I had all the time in the world, I would like to do several of those talks, about historical persons who fascinate me.… Read more