543. Outer Space

It seems to be a perpetual challenge to find a good work space, when you can’t afford to rent an office or even a co-worker space (which doesn’t work for me anyway).

In our 2-room apartment the work desk is in a corner of a room of about 20 sq meters – also used for eating, playing, watching telly, books and a couch.… Read more

524. Highest

I’d like to start finally doing a product for my webdesign business, so I can earn some recurring revenue that is NOT coming from the sale of an hour – or several – of my life.

I figure I would like to do a web-course about pretty much everything you need to know to set up your own WordPress website or WooCommerce webshop if you are a small business.… Read more

515. Straightforward

One month after end of paternity leave and I’ve earned about 500 USD on web-stuff. Needless to say, Char is worried.

And my credit is counting down again.

I don’t think there is much to say anymore about this. The only thing tenable is to dig up a part time job ASAP, anything tolerable.… Read more

513. Fish

Jay slept early so I should have used the evening for creativity. Instead I blundered into reading about the new data regulation in Europe and wondering whether or not and how I could live up to it.

Or else be fined and face hell and high water, because, you know, I’m like such a Big Fish.… Read more

507. Reconnecting

I have for some time now been dabbling with an English/international website for my WordPress consultancy business (a new-ish term, I’m sometimes not really sure what to call myself … ).

Okay, so screw it.

I bought the domain name and figured I’d do a rough version in English of WordPress theme reviews, and then a more compressed version in my local language.… Read more

373. Time and Heart

Only had a little work for a returning client this morning, so I spent some of the remaining work time thinking seriously about the future – even though that was mildly angst-inducing.

Char was out with Jay and so I was at home at the ‘office’ (my desk) while the workers upstairs rummaged around, and I had to take a few walks to get peace and quiet.… Read more

324. Patterns

We went back to our apartment in the City for two days to wash some clothes and get some things in order – you know, normal lives while waiting for my mother’s operation for breast cancer and for me to earn some money before the coffers are empty.

Okay, that was morose.… Read more