608. Pick One

You believe your other ideas have merit and that they should sidetrack your ‘first’ big idea.

But if you are really working hard to realize one idea, you are also committed to it and putting energy into it, and if it has true merit, you will easily be able to keep the other ideas waiting.

It will feel good to know there is something afterwards – some more ideas to implement.

It will feel better and more attractive than any distraction.


566. Knowing Fire

I will go a long way to try to qualify my clients before I take them on, if I can get a better (and sometimes more stable) business relationship afterwards. It is worth it, more often than not, I feel.

I tend to think that WP consultants who have not seriously reflected on when and how to fire clients simply have not been burned yet by ‘bad clients’.

So maybe it is unavoidable to get fired or having to fire. But what is avoidable is certainly having to relive it over and over again.


543. Outer Space

Then autumn comes around and hopefully new customers and less manual work. Hopefully Char will have a steady job by then, and I can stay at home to work.

Then we just need to find some kind of chaos-control solution for said home, so I don’t have to spend an hour getting everything cleaned up before I can start working.

Or maybe I just have to spend that hour at another time, because the mess seems to be a permanent feature of 3 people (including one 1-year old) and too little space, relatively speaking. And too little time. And energy.

So I guess I can’t change ‘outer space’ all that much. But I have to keep trying. Chip away a little here and there of the obstacles.

There really is no other choice. As always.


524. Highest

These customers, for whom I have built websites, seem to be a good fit for a product – and then again …

One guy is the younger man who buys domain names, advertisement campaigns and new sites and plugins, and doesn’t use all of them by half. He might be a good fit for this product. At the very least he would buy it and shelf it like many of his other purchases … :-}

Another is the middle-aged female lifestyle blogger, who had a lot of trouble getting started on WordPress but who is determined to do everything herself (and has to, because of a small budget). That includes marketing and business in general. In fact, I think she might be a better fit, if we all agree that it is the highest goal for people to actually use this product after purchase.
I am tempted to say it is not the highest goal, because I sorely need money now. And I can’t take responsibility for people’s use and non-use of what I sell them.

OTOH again: If I am not aspiring to my highest goals on The Blog, then there is nowhere else to do it. 

I have to keep myself accountable here.


513. Fish

I blundered into reading about the new data regulation in Europe and wondering whether or not and how I could live up to it.

Or else be fined and face hell and high water, because, you know, I’m like such a Big Fish.

I think the big question for small fish like my webdesign company really is:

How much will it cost me to ‘make sure’ I absolutely do comply before the deadline of May 25


how big is the risk that my little fish will get caught and then killed by a huge fine, if I invest less and over a longer period of time to try to comply?

I think it is a question worth asking, when everybody else seems on the verge of panic over this.


507. Reconnecting

I have talked in general about entrepreneurship and my webdesign business. I have not really tried to connect in English with other WordPressers out there.

I’m not going to blog about all the technical stuff or guides or anything. And I’m not going to comment much about colleagues’ blogs about that.

But there are other colleagues/competitors who have great blogs of a more general nature about the business and about life and the business. 

I’m going to find them.

And connect with them, too.

Perhaps that is what I need to get more of this connection stuff going.


373. Time and Heart

But long story short here … maybe I can live with my webdesign business as it is and just do whatever I am most motivated for and most energized for and have the most time for from April … to earn more money. 

I don’t know what that could be, only that – as I have harped about many times before – it has to be something that makes earning income more automatic and passive. As much as possible. Otherwise it can’t scale. I can’t keep selling hours. And I won’t.

So product. Or content that can be monetized, e.g. via ads or affiliates.

Full circle there … 

And then on the side do some CSR or other, when I have the extra surplus. At least it would heighten my motivation to find that type of product or other asset that I am motivated to create.

If I can use that asset to give something to more than myself. That is always a good motivation for me.

It is a mess in my mind right now, but at least I can see some threads that I can bind together.

Right now, though, I will have to wait and let time and my heart delve on this and come up with more precise answers.

And meanwhile keep trying lots of options.