54. View to the Star

Today I felt I got clearer on the ideal customer profile for my new company. I suspect the 4-5 customers or prospects I have picked up in the limited entrepreneur programme this past month has had something to do with that …

Good enough, so who is it then?

He or she has a business and is earning some money selling services or stuff, often not quite enough to live from it but not so little so that it’s a dead end.… Read more

31. Values

As I walked home from shopping today, I was fuming a bit in the January frost. I had just gotten email about various offers from the Entrepreneur Program – talks, mentorings, etc. Most of them seemingly pointless.

Pointless because they are more about inviting people you already know to promote themselves and their products, under the guise of coaching would-be entrepreneurs.… Read more

21. Children Allowed

We drove home from the Christmas gathering and got back to the City, some hours before a major storm hit the country.

Overall, it had been some very good days. Especially yesterday when Char, I and my sis- and brother-in-law had been sitting around the dining room table and helped each other finish the LEGO-sets we had given the kids for Christmas.… Read more

4. Only Results

I went downtown again today – to the office KIA has offered prospective entrepreneurs, without or without registration anywhere, to network and work for 3 months.

A new group of unemployed, receiving insurance benefits, are given the chance to mingle with ‘the real entrepreneurs’ there. I am one of them.

That is part of the pitch when the insurance organisation, KIA, sold the new office space: You see, we could get “inspiration” from the pros!… Read more