286. Balancing Beliefs

Spent the day trying to work, again, although I had promised to keep weekends off. It was not a good or efficient work-day, nor a good family day, then.

But I felt I had to give one last effort to do more on the live-talk about Real Robinson, because there had been so many interruptions during my ‘week off’ to do this very project.… Read more

260. Show It

Wrote to all the attendants at Jay’s baptism and thanked them individually for their presents and presence. It took all day, but they earned it.

Not many days and social gatherings you can say that about, so when one shows up, it’s important to appreciate just that – and show it.… Read more

258. The Whole Package

Spent some time with Char’s mum and grand mum and it was nice. I love my family. But I’m also reminded of our differences each time we are together. Like their inability to change their thinking in many situation, even the blindingly obvious.

Who else would ask Char 3 or 4 times if she wants alcohol, while she has said not because she is breast-feeding and actually doing so while being asked?… Read more

213. Risk in the Sun

We went out today, to the sea-side and enjoyed fantasizing about what it would be like being able to afford living in a house there. And just enjoyed being there, in general.

It was a long day out in the fresh air, esp. for little Jay, who slept like a log when we came home.… Read more