369. The Buzz About Fathers

Char was away from Jay today for the longest time since his birth – 8 hours – and I had to look after him. And I was nervous about that, like any man.

But it went quite well. And I feel totally good about that. I know it sounds trite, but I do feel a bit more being a father because I was able to do this.… Read more

363. Nothing Wrong

Today was the yearly Tivoli day for my niece, who had brought along my nephew – and then her mum to look after both of them, since Char and I was looking after Jay – and several thousand other people who we were trying not to get squashed by. Yes, we thought it might work to try a Saturday closer to Christmas instead of a Sunday some weeks back.… Read more

286. Balancing Beliefs

Spent the day trying to work, again, although I had promised to keep weekends off. It was not a good or efficient work-day, nor a good family day, then.

But I felt I had to give one last effort to do more on the live-talk about Real Robinson, because there had been so many interruptions during my ‘week off’ to do this very project.… Read more