308. Remember This When The Dark

There is also the part of cleaning the soul up and I realize this is what I have done, just for a little bit but with results.

I did it by stopping doing the dishes and making the beds and instead diving into quotes from one of my favorite authors – John O’Donohue – for about an hour, looking for them and reading and reflecting.… Read more

240. Synergistic

I’ve decided to use the next 60 posts with Robinson Crusoe.

That is, I’ll write about an aspect of my upcoming live-talk about ‘the real Robinson Crusoe’ – Alexander Selkirk, and do illustrations when needed.

That way I’ll be finished in good time before my first booking in February-ish, and I’ll not stress – hopefully.… Read more

142. How to Avoid A Mid-Life Crisis In About 10 Minutes Per Day

We’re still waiting for Jay to come, and doing all sorts of preparations, and then … sometimes just waiting. That’s how it is for first time parents, I’m sure.

And tonight I’m tired because of clients and family visits and said preparations, so I found a post I wrote before any of this ‘father-stuff’ was into the picture.… Read more

109. That Great Day

A strange day, when work/meetings with two clients got cancelled for various reasons and I just kind of drifted, feeling restless.

But I had a good time to walk into a City-a-little-closer-to-spring and sit down at a central square with a sandwich and think of things.

I decided that despite the sudden ‘free hours’ there was nothing I had to do.… Read more

104. Let Me Not Forget

Today I went to see St Joan (Bernard Shaw’s play) which quickened me a bit. Which was good, because I felt grey inside, as if mist had taken up residence in my heart – or swirled dangerously close.

I felt cut off from something vital, perhaps from supportive social circles for some of my higher goals of life, such as this blog and other things.… Read more

89. As It Turns Out

So last night when I came home after a friendly meeting with PL (which was wonderful), I felt … a lot better.

Not so much because of the meeting but because, I strongly suspect …

  • that I had not checked email all day except in the morning and during a few workhours for a client when I had to check some of his instructions
  • that I had not checked news or anything else on the Internet all day since morning
  • when I had only checked the national and BBC, plus searched for blogs that I’d like to comment on …

And I didn’t do any of that either when I came home.… Read more