444. The Secret of Relaxation

I had some time to myself today, and I don’t even remember why. Char and Jay were with … some family? I can’t remember, but I can remember that I felt to … frozen to really put it to good use.

You know the feeling right? If you haven’t relaxed in days and all of a sudden somebody says “you know have 3 hours to relax – use them well” … then it takes time to wind down.… Read more

354. A World of Good

Char and Jay left to go out for a medical appointment and then down south to Char’s mum to stay, while I finish the borrowed house’s cleaning and some workers for the nth day renovate in our apartment block.

I had to drive back and forth to The Big City with all the stuff we had brought out to the borrowed house in the Provincial City over almost 2 months, and was very tired when I finally got home.… Read more

345. Uncertainty Is

My mother is considering the additional chemotherapy offer these days, after her 2nd breast cancer op. How much is she willing to go through for an extra 10 per cent to survive until 80?

Those are the statistics – the chances in statistics-world rise, in her situation and at her age from 60 to 70 per cent of being alive 10 years after.… Read more

321. Despite the Mist

I had thought the days immediately after some closure on my mother’s new cancer would be a gradual feeling of sliding down from the heights of fear, but instead it was more like a plummet – into a valley of problems I had suppressed so far.

Like I had decided somewhere in my mind that even though this was hard enough, then the op would be successful and my mother would make a full recovery, in time.… Read more

308. Remember This When The Dark

There is also the part of cleaning the soul up and I realize this is what I have done, just for a little bit but with results.

I did it by stopping doing the dishes and making the beds and instead diving into quotes from one of my favorite authors – John O’Donohue – for about an hour, looking for them and reading and reflecting.… Read more

291. The Most Dangerous Thing

The truth is that yes, there are annoying people and always will be, but once you get a good filter in place to avoid most of these then your greatest obstacle is probably … yourself.

Last night, I really felt – after having sent a question out to the universe about it – that the answer to where I could improve next wasn’t so much in trying to filter out other people, especially customers.… Read more

240. Synergistic

I’ve decided to use the next 60 posts with Robinson Crusoe.

That is, I’ll write about an aspect of my upcoming live-talk about ‘the real Robinson Crusoe’ – Alexander Selkirk, and do illustrations when needed.

That way I’ll be finished in good time before my first booking in February-ish, and I’ll not stress – hopefully.… Read more