340. Sum Strengths

Managed to do a hour’s marketing and an hour’s work today on an old customer’s website, otherwise I helped Char with Jay – and wondered how satisfied I was with the overall balance between work and family, and what I would do to change it from now on.

The first question is easily answered: I am not satisfied – 2 hours per day is too little, although that has been the norm very often these past few weeks due to reasons you know by now if you have read the past month or so on The Blog: My mother’s illness, Char’s inflammation of the hand and general baby-chaos.… Read more

337. The Rent

Met with clients for a course I’m doing for startups on WordPress-websites and wasn’t sure how to feel about this gig.

On the one hand it’s kind of a victory. I was asked by the coordinator of the start-up program at the insurance company that pays out insurance for the unemployed to do this for, well, unemployed people who wish to do a start up business.… Read more

265. The Hardest Part

All right, I’m done with trying to create ‘passive income’. At least for now.

I tried some short time ago – again – creating the first of a series of products, this time for my company’s webshop. It seemed like a good product, a good idea, and then … it fizzled and I didn’t feel good about it and pulled it.… Read more

244. Drop By Drop

Taking my first break from Robinson Crusoe-posting, I simply need to say that maybe I have fucked up all this time – trying to find more enjoyable ways to make money.

At least as regards the way I’ve tried …

I was thinking that if I don’t feel good still, perhaps worse, than when I started trying to find that way to make money in a more enjoyable, passionate way, then perhaps my goal is wrong – or the way to the goal is wrong!… Read more