460. Dare

No more tags for LOG (diary).

No more REVIEWS or even “Looking Backs”.

Maybe sometimes. Maybe not.

I don’t care for them so I am throwing them overboard now – some before I even got started.

And that feels good.

If I want to review myself what the hell I thought about a particular problem 3 months ago and learn from it or avoid making the same mistake or whatever – then I will use the search function.… Read more

426. To Make All Else Work

Now this is something important … again:

348. The Only Way Is Balance

A very difficult and delicate balance, which I have often written about, and I will do so again. But it is important to keep in mind.

Especially in situations such as this, where you are fearing for a loved one and pondering scenarios and outcomes and consequences whilst trying to live your daily:

Always try to keep a good balance between thinking and letting go and doing – something else.

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