500. Looking Back (v)

One great relief now I’m at 500: I don’t have to do anything special.

Lost that decision over a month ago, to do The Blog in any particular way:

– long/short,
– hook in intro/just start,
– practically relevant for daily life/philosophical reflections about anything and everything
– etc. etc.

And of course milestones and reviews and chronology and deep interlinking and lots and lots of repetition and excuses for never really being able to do It All.… Read more

200. Looking Back (ii)

I’ve realized – now more than ever – that I want to be free of any drive to be famous, rich – to have ‘position’.

Drivers inside for fame, money and position are, actually, chains – not drivers. That much is clear to me. A very important realization.

I’d like to elaborate on this, but it is just so … big right now.… Read more

100. Looking Back (i)

So how has this part of the Journey been so far?

Overall good.

I finally found the courage and wherewithal to start my own little company and once I had a few customers who appeared ‘steady’ then I skipped the insurance payments and went solo. I ought to be afraid, I suppose, but I am not – not yet at any rate.… Read more