400. Looking Back (iv)

My last Look Back-post was Very Long, as if I was trying to make up for doing it as post 350 instead of post 300; so I’m going to try a different strategy this time.

As you should know by now, I started on Dec 29 2017 doing a number of list-posts summing up the most important reflections from the last 6 months or so – and from those categories that I feel are most important to focus on right now.… Read more

350. Looking Back (iii)

Some belated thoughts about where I have been and where I am going …

Art & Creativity Stories

I have belatedly realized that a prime driver of my year-long attempts to get back to the (comic book) drawing board, has been a personal ‘flaw’ if you will; the sense that I should do something to regain the recognition I felt I had from parents and peers when I was a boy and was good at drawing.… Read more