195. What I Have To Do With My Life From Now On

.. which I realized yesterday as I was sitting on that cafe and not really living the ‘laptop lifestyle’:

I have to strike a balance.

Giving entirely up on my strong drive to earn money in better and more enjoyable ways, won’t work.

But I need not to obsess too much about it and let that mission distract me from appreciating everything else in life.… Read more

121. Messages in a Bottle

Today is my 43rd birthday, and who would’ve thought I’d make it this far? Sure, I live in one of the safest, richest places in the world but the enemies haven’t come from without as much as within.

In 1999-2006 I was depressed on and off, culminating in rampant anxiety, obsessive thoughts and hospitalization in 2005.… Read more

120. Hidden?

This morning at the train-station as I was under way to Client, I thought: “Living our lives is like code-breaking.”

There’s constantly some code we seek to break: to love, to earning money, to health, to successful family life, to the good life in general … to happiness.

So is that a good or a bad thing?… Read more

86. Adrift

Things are going well, and not going well.

I’m working hard to earn money in my little firm. Char is working hard to keep upright and still going to work for another month or so with her growing belly.

Our apartment is still messy and there never seems to be enough time and energy to get it ready.… Read more