549. Back to Foundations

There’s a lot of ground to cover if I want to analyze in depth the dynamics of my rel with Char – both before and now. And during Jay’s first year.

I will probably get to that here – on The Blog. Or at least in private. With my new temp job, which is a kind of service guide duty at stations, there’ll be a lot of standing up and waiting for bewildered passengers.… Read more

389. Sweetness

Last day at my parents’ and everything is sort of fine, except that I have a cold and I have been reminded again that all is not as dandy in my 20-year relationship with Char as I like to tell myself.

Nothing special has happened, just another of those episodes where I say something I think is innocent, often something I say to help and she takes it as some kind of criticism and gets irritated.… Read more

328. Forgettable Except For Me

Felt very clear today about at least some parts of the future. Especially that I have to see  The Blog as my primary purposeful work – even if the rest is excruciatingly normal and forgettable and not making any difference.

Yes, I suppose some of that “rest” is forgettable if you see me as just a person who lives an ordinary life.… Read more