300. Realistic Narrative

As usual, every 100 posts, here are some reflections about where I have been for the last 100 days – and some about where I am going.

Due to the waves that have crashed in early-mid October so to speak (more on that on these post dates) this ‘look back’ is probably more going to be a ‘look forward’, because so much is still uncertain at the time of writing this post (mid October).… Read more

162. In the Storm

And so our son was born Saturday night, after a totally fine labor process things went wrong and it was a cesarean. Except of course that things only go wrong if the result is bad. And it wasn’t.

Our little boy is healthy and fine but we have had about 5 hours of sleep all in all since that day (after a 12 hour medically induced labor), so … reality dictates that those entries will be written later.… Read more

151. Point of Divergence

In alternative history writing there is a concept called POD – Point of Divergence. Like: When history did change – and what caused it? Was Oswald late for lunch on 22 Nov 1963 and if so, did JFK get home alive for his lunch?

I’ve toyed with this concept in my new story, The Many Worlds of World War III (see downloads), which is finished now.… Read more

104. Let Me Not Forget

Today I went to see St Joan (Bernard Shaw’s play) which quickened me a bit. Which was good, because I felt grey inside, as if mist had taken up residence in my heart – or swirled dangerously close.

I felt cut off from something vital, perhaps from supportive social circles for some of my higher goals of life, such as this blog and other things.… Read more

43. Resonances

Listening to the old Pet Shop Boys/Eighth Wonder-song, I’m Not Scared, tonight for the millionth time.

It’s my ‘theme music’ to the little graphic novel I’m doing, as my own personal soup for the soul every evening.

The song is about a relationship which is a bit of a mystery, but to which the main character is continually drawn.… Read more