188. I Don’t Remember What Happened Today

But I have the feeling it was a very good, ordinary day, where no one (I knew) died and the world didn’t blow up, and I was with my 4-week old son and his mum at home.

If I can’t remember in details, what happened on a particular day, when writing about it several days hence, then I fall back to the position that this is how it must have been.… Read more

164. First Peace

A grueling first 3 days with so many hits at once – trauma after the cesarean, exhaustion, baby-worry (and screaming) and general logistics breakdown of shopping/cooking etc.

But last night we hired a private mid-wife to come and help us, talk about it all, give morale boost. It cut deep in the credit account but was worth it.… Read more

131. Toolboxes

The Story is keeping up with my outline relatively well and Friday it gave me the hope to have it all bagged, though, maybe before all of Easter is finished. Wouldn’t that be something?

Nah, it’s probably not the way to go. I have some extra time because of the holidays, sure, but I don’t want to tempt myself to fight reality the same way Mary does in the Story.… Read more

126. I Want To

A day on the job, I’d rather have been without and home and doing the house-stuff and preparing for the next family member and feeling rather overwhelmed by it all.

It was very strange to then just write and on the one hand feel relieved that I could and on the other feel a little sick about writing about the end of the world.… Read more

105. When I Fired the Job Market

Dear Job Market,

I’m sorry but I have to let you go.

In the future this company will only make money by delivering services to several clients and creating products, in order to keep open a selection of active and passive income streams.

This is, in other words, organizational restructuring which, unfortunately, no longer leaves room for your position, which so far has been unique – as you were our only employee for years.… Read more

103. The Definition of Us

Today we went to the cinema with Char’s grandmum (mother’s side) and saw a film that I had really wanted to see for a long time: The King’s Choice, about King Haakon VII and his family during the German invasion of Norway in April 1940.

It is basically a movie about a man who is struggling to figure out what is his true duty when the world falls apart. … Read more

69. Gossamer Light

“Take these dogs away from me … before they bite!”

That’s a line from a song, but it could’ve been a good line for this day on the Journey.

For I felt absolutely on the edge of rotten today.

Dunno exactly why, but as I’ve explained before I sometimes wake up and feel extremely ‘low on energy’, more edgy, more irritable, more anxious.… Read more

64. Summer is Coming

I just read about something new and awful Trump has been doing and saying, Gawd help me. I know it won’t help one bit, reading about all his BS.

What I know will help a bit, though, is remembering that I was born the same summer that was to be President Nixon’s last in the White House before Watergate forced him to resign.… Read more