521. S-S-Saigon

My parents popped by before Jay’s birthday and we talked about the year they took me to Italy, because my dad had found work there. It was May 1975 and I was one year old.

The month before Saigon fell.

There are a lot of odd events, big or small, from the 70s that I feel some kind of resonance with, even though I don’t remember them.… Read more

486. Not Installed By The Machine

A question (in a forum):

“Every day I have an idea for a movie, sketch or TV show (usually involving people I know) and it makes me wish I had a machine that could translate my scenarios and ideas into a visual medium that others could watch.

Does anyone else ever wish they had a machine that could put their ideas into reality (movies, TV shows etc)?”

My reply:

I don’t think any machine can substitute storytelling, styling or layout experience (yet).… Read more

374. Attachment Learnings

So the next Star Wars-film premiered today in our country, another installment in a series I have loved since I first saw A New Hope in 1981. And now I have learned to hate it.

I have only seen some reviews and ‘plot’ synopses of the new film, since I have already wasted enough life and money on the 3 prequels and the reboot from 2015.… Read more

329. After Storms

A storm blew over our country this night and wrecked some things, but not much compared to other parts of the world. It made me think again about how grateful we should be for this geographical location, and how I should be more grateful of the assets I have, instead of bemoaning what I have not.… Read more

327. Your Best

Got the crime website version 1.0 finished and it felt good, even if it is not completed yet and I have not been paid yet and all sorts of other things are not getting done.

But there is still a lot of satisfaction in making a piece of work that you know you’ve done your best with.… Read more

281. The Danger and Blessing

As I get older I discover continually that patience and determination are some of the most important qualities one can develop, and today was no exception.

Simply put, I was thinking about when and how to market this blog more, so it actually gets some readers.

Then I was thinking – again – about how little energy and time I feel I have for this, right now.… Read more

245. Like Paving Stones

I read on a webpage from Brooklyn Academy that:

Daniel Defoe was a prolific writer (over 370 known publications) who could–and would–turn his hand to almost any topic; he has been called one of the greatest journalists and the father of journalism. To many of his contemporaries, he was a man who sold his pen to the political party in office and so lacking integrity …

He was an outsider, being a Dissenter or Puritan, the son of a butcher, and a suspected government spy (this suspicion was confirmed in the nineteenth century) …

For nearly seventy-five years, Defoe’s reputation as a writer was in decline.

Read more

215. Spider-Clones

Saw Spider-Man: Homecoming today with an old friend and didn’t know whether to feel amused or annoyed that this was the 3rd actor to play Spider-Man since 2002.

I know there was something about movie rights, but overall the movie is a symptom of the tendency in Hollywood to not create something new but just rehash the old, tested and tried.… Read more

209. Thoughts About My Contribution Mix

This is something I regularly think about and today was no exception. So why not bring the discussion out again?

I’ve been a vegetarian-ish on and off for 22 years now.  I do eat meat (from land animals) on some occasions, like when I travel abroad. I’ve eaten fish since 2004, and eggs and milk, etc.… Read more

188. I Don’t Remember What Happened Today

But I have the feeling it was a very good, ordinary day, where no one (I knew) died and the world didn’t blow up, and I was with my 4-week old son and his mum at home.

If I can’t remember in details, what happened on a particular day, when writing about it several days hence, then I fall back to the position that this is how it must have been.… Read more

164. First Peace

A grueling first 3 days with so many hits at once – trauma after the cesarean, exhaustion, baby-worry (and screaming) and general logistics breakdown of shopping/cooking etc.

But last night we hired a private mid-wife to come and help us, talk about it all, give morale boost. It cut deep in the credit account but was worth it.… Read more