587. Abuse

“For I have heard that most of that which bears the name of learning, and which has abused such quantities of ink and paper, and continually employs so many ignorant unhappy souls for ten, twelve, twenty years in the university (who yet, poor wretches, think they are doing something all the while ) – as logic, etc., and several other things (that shall be nameless lest I should misspell them) – are much more absolutely nothing than the errantest play that e’er was writ.”

– Aphra Behn


573. Applicable

A wise commentator said about our national soccer team in the FIFA World Cup:

‘ I don’t understand the people who want us to play beautiful football – we don’t have the team for that. We have to be tactical and play football that works to get us results. If we had played the better teams in the way the better teams prefer to play – trying lots of fancy moves, for example – then we would get shredded. We have to use the resources we have in the most efficient way – to win.’

I am paraphrasing here, but I like the observation.

It applies to a lot more than soccer.


521. S-S-Saigon

There are a lot of odd events, big or small, from the 70s that I feel some kind of resonance with, even though I don’t remember them.

The shouldn’t mean anything to me but they do. Just as time periods in which I never lived, like World War 1.

What does that mean?

I will probably never know, but what I do know is that it means lots of stuff for stories.


374. Attachment Learnings

Perhaps that is why this blog post is kind of important after all. If I then act on it, and say definitively goodbye to Star Wars (and the new Marvel comics).

Well, I do.

And it felt like a relief, despite the void.

But voids are there to be filled. And maybe a few new TV-series about some sprawling epic fascinating scifi universe can wait, anyway. Maybe it would be better to create something myself. Or maybe it would be better to create more quality time with friends and family.

Banal, yes, but isn’t it true?


327. Your Best

Got the crime website version 1.0 finished and it felt good, even if it is not completed yet and I have not been paid yet and all sorts of other things are not getting done.

But there is still a lot of satisfaction in making a piece of work that you know you’ve done your best with.


223. Building Culture

She is a sweet bright young thing and I’m sure she will move on to do great things, but she also says that she figures Eastern Europe has got “more culture” than Spain. A fact she will investigate on interrail while traveling 22 countries in 3 weeks.

So right there and then I don’t mind too much having 18 years on her. Maybe I have something to show for them after all.


188. I Don’t Remember What Happened Today

So that is the way to test if you are depressed, then: Ask yourself about any particular day, when nothing out of the ordinary happened, and what you feel about that day?

If you feel it must have been a black no-good day, then you have reason to seek out someone who can tell you otherwise.

If you can’t tell yourself that it is otherwise, and believe in it.

Another definition of depression. And so even ordinary days can, if we let them, help us discover our darkest of trials. And overcome them.