462. Greater Damage

All right, with the last handful of posts I have practically destroyed any attempt at organizing The Blog on a higher level than just the normal categorizing and tagging.

And I have said to hell with all the multitude of contradictions and dead ends that are in the previous 460 posts or so, or in many of them.… Read more

459. Fuck You

Yes, no more link-dump trying to find five links for every blog post that may link to other blog posts. To be ‘helpful’ – to myself, to search engines and to any future readers. Yadayada.

Maybe some links, some times. Maybe not.

That’s what makes it feel fun to blog again!… Read more

457. THIS Is The Blog

No screw it, I know what I need to do now to make The Blog work for me. And here it is – my manifesto:

The Blog is not going to be indexed or sorted or organized anymore than a simple full list of posts and a normal blog page. I don’t care to index – it demotivates me like hell.… Read more

447. Closing

I’ve closed comments for the foreseeable future. It just didn’t feel right to have comments fields when I don’t really have any traffic and when I apparently can’t prioritize enough – for a number of reasons – to comment on other people’s blogs.

Which, in theory, would give me comments in return.… Read more

440. The Good Win

The reality is that there is little new I can say which would, I feel, be useful to blog about.

I’ve said my piece. And there hasn’t even been a new personal or family disaster these last 3 weeks. Nobody got terribly ill or died. Nothing like that.

I had a few projects for previous or returning customers that I had agreed with Char I could do.… Read more

351. Refocusing The Purpose

Lots of work today for an old client who returned to buy some more help for his webshop, so that is not important only good. What is important is trying to sum up some good observations from my recent Looking Back-exercise (which also includes a great deal of looking forward).

Here it is then … a very key part of my life right now – the reason I am doing The Blog:

It is blogging that gives me the sense of strength; that I reflect and feel deeply about something with a view to the silver lining.… Read more