478. Sanitizing

Decided only to blog in the evenings after Jay has gone to bed – which is insane of course, if I ever want to get more blogging done in the short-term.

Or perhaps it is sanest of all.

I mean, that affirms that I even though I truly do want The Blog to be big, helpful and much read … my primary priority IS for blogging to give me energy.… Read more

462. Greater Damage

All right, with the last handful of posts I have practically destroyed any attempt at organizing The Blog on a higher level than just the normal categorizing and tagging.

And I have said to hell with all the multitude of contradictions and dead ends that are in the previous 460 posts or so, or in many of them.… Read more

459. Fuck You

Yes, no more link-dump trying to find five links for every blog post that may link to other blog posts. To be ‘helpful’ – to myself, to search engines and to any future readers. Yadayada.

Maybe some links, some times. Maybe not.

That’s what makes it feel fun to blog again!… Read more

457. THIS Is The Blog

No screw it, I know what I need to do now to make The Blog work for me. And here it is – my manifesto:

The Blog is not going to be indexed or sorted or organized anymore than a simple full list of posts and a normal blog page. I don’t care to index – it demotivates me like hell.… Read more

351. Refocusing The Purpose

I believe that it is not really possible anymore, as I believed when I was younger, to really change the world in my lifetime only contribute to some level of flow of positive change. Not very good way of putting it, but change is so slow and incremental if you want to contribute to something global and not just your immediate family or friends’ lives, or your own personal development.… Read more

318. Through the Arctic

We’re still in the other city, just taking walks, washing clothes, shopping and looking after Jay.

And thinking about when and how I can get back to earning money, what’s going to happen with my mother and family, and burning the batteries helping with Jay because Char’s hand is still bad.… Read more