219. Best Connection

We met today with the priest who is going to baptize Jay, and it was very moving to be there – at the church, even if it wasn’t the Big Day.

Char and I have always felt that there was Something Greater, even if we have had difficulty defining what it was.… Read more

199. Selkirk’s Island

Today I took a break between clients and went to the comic shop I’ve frequented since I was 12.

Don’t go there much for comics anymore, just good chats with one of the old employees. A friendly version of Comic Book Guy from Simpsons, oh yes.

We talked about my latest live-talk, upcoming and planned, about another historical character that fascinates me:

Alexander Selkirk – the real Robinson Crusoe.… Read more

179. You Are Probably Wondering How We Can Have Faith After That Event

– of both light and darkness?

I am talking about Jay’s birth, of course.

Everything was going so well, we were so full of hope – and then: operating table, cesarean, trauma.

We have cried a lot about that, but fortunately we are doing well overall. And we are more and more able to take joy in the important things – that Jay did well and does well, even if the birth wasn’t what we had hoped or expected.… Read more

158. Beneath All Currents

Char hasn’t given birth yet which means that we have to go to the hospital tomorrow to start medically induced labor. Unless it happens during the rest of today, of course.

Char is 41, pushing 42, so it’s an offer from the health system – that it can be started no more than a week past her term.… Read more

146. Indivisible

Thought for a brief moment of spending some more of the waiting time for our son with looking for new clients, since I know I’m going to have only about 3K USD left on my private credit account by the end of month.

Probably less since I will be spending on food, etc., and not working much in this period of becoming parents.… Read more

132. Seven Emotional Developments Needed to Be Open To Eternal Life

Easter Sunday I think is a good time to reflect on what it takes to be open to the possibility that there could be more life, in some form, after the experience we call ‘death’.

Wait! Does it take some requirement to be open about this? How about proof?

Well, my experience tells me that openness to a certain kind of reality is neither the product of ‘proof’ nor ‘faith’, particularly not blind faith.… Read more

68. More

Sometimes, more than often, I find myself a bit … low.

In terms of feeling ‘energy’.

It happens with no discernible reason behind it.

I should have slept enough, eaten enough, etc.

Maybe. But still … no clear reason.

Everything feels like drudgery. Life itself even …

I know deep inside, though, that these feelings must be a reflection of something real – if nothing else, then how most of the world sees itself:

Like we are all just droning by life, trying to get enough to do – so we don’t have to think too much about tomorrow or the wider world.… Read more