186. Not Any Less Precious

Yesterday, I heard ex-FBI-director Comey’s testimony in my earphones whilst working on a customer pitch in the Royal Library (because I had tired of the regular office space).

Today a lot of people shout ‘Watergate’ and a lot of other people don’t seem to think it is so bad yet – for the US president.… Read more

169. Not All

I found out about the bomb that had killed a score of youngsters at a concert in Manchester, while I was walking with Jay’s carriage at 3 AM in the morning to help him calm down.

Not again, huh?

Terror attacks. It’s all a blur sometimes. Like … it’s never-ending.

And like the world is becoming more dangerous by the day …

But is it?… Read more

130. The Mosaic

Easter Friday, and thinking again about time and all things passing. And beauty.┬áSo I found an old blog post, I’d like to share again … It seemed fitting:

I am often amazed of how much the world appears like … a mosaic.

It’s not black. It’s not white. It’s not grey.… Read more

64. Summer is Coming

I just read about something new and awful Trump has been doing and saying, Gawd help me. I know it won’t help one bit, reading about all his BS.

What I know will help a bit, though, is remembering that I was born the same summer that was to be President Nixon’s last in the White House before Watergate forced him to resign.… Read more

59. Bypassing

I was just about to write an angry comment to some idiot.

Yes, on Facebook – where else?

The idiot wrote in a Facebook-group for a national TV-radio programme about politics that he “didn’t care about Somali refugees because they were not [our] countrymen”.

He then wrote that Somalis should not stay in our country because they were not us.… Read more

38. The 9 Wonders

In the evenings, after many years, I’ve finally decided just to draw. Who cares if it’s pretty?

So I draw a story again, like I did in my younger days, say, from 1988-1994-ish.


It’s a story, I just make up as I go along. About a girl who can travel between parallel universes.… Read more

8. Never nothing

I donated about 35 dollars this evening to the Red Cross’ efforts to save children and everybody else in Syria. I just couldn’t stand reading about it in the news anymore.

Aleppo is falling – even more than it has fallen before, and in so many dark ways.

Thousands of innocent people trapped in there, like a cage of hell.… Read more