558. Shadowy Reminders

14 years ago I did this and never finished, right before I ended up in hospital. It is part of a larger pic, obviously.

I tried to finish it tonight, and then failed immediately.

Then I did some photoshopping on it, hoping I could do some … avant-garde-ish collage-shit with mist and effects and make it look like that was my intention all along.… Read more

521. S-S-Saigon

My parents popped by before Jay’s birthday and we talked about the year they took me to Italy, because my dad had found work there. It was May 1975 and I was one year old.

The month before Saigon fell.

There are a lot of odd events, big or small, from the 70s that I feel some kind of resonance with, even though I don’t remember them.… Read more

227. Sailing True

I often find myself thinking that we are too old to have Jay and that maybe we won’t live to see him grow old, or older.

But I have to remind myself this is a feeling, not thinking. And it is a feeling partly dictated by some social expectations people aren’t keeping much anyway in this day and age.… Read more

147. The Gift

So it didn’t happen that we became a family this weekend, although we had made a number of guesses that we would. Guesses we almost believed in.

That’s fine. The term is May 6 and it will be May 13-14 at the latest, as the docs will start it up if nature doesn’t – due to Char’s age (41).… Read more

87. Another Rebuild

So I’m trying to switch my daily rhythm and blog in the mornings – before work.

I still need a better place to draw, I feel, than my bed. So I am not doing that this morning.

I have to do more housecleaning before Jay comes, but at the end of the day I will have to find a cafe en route to the office on the day and do this.… Read more

30. Natural Effects

Another day with more meetings trying to demo WordPress to people, who might become customers. Another day with more thinking about how to make a two-room apartment baby-friendly.

But in the evening, there’s just … me. Yet.

Char’s reading a book and I’m watching Supergirl. But as usual, I’m the one to not stop thinking.… Read more