On this page I’ll list my posts with advice on pretty much any situation in life (at least ones I’ve experienced).

These posts are intended to be a more concrete, actionable composite of many older posts in the same category. Or they are just posts that are more concrete and actionable.

In many of the posts there is a link to the category of problem we are dealing with and a date range, so you can, if you wish, read more about the situation in my life, which prompted me to write about it.

Here are the posts …

Art and Creativity

5 Things To Remember When You Want to Finish Big Writing Projects

Dealing with Anxiety

4 Ways of Handling Life Crises


8 Considerations that Will Help You Set the Right Price for Your Services

Things to Remember Right Now


7 Defining Characteristics of Deep Friendships



How I Sabotage Myself from Earning Money (not a guide per se – but more a reflection about a mindset you have to overcome in order to earn more money)

Meaning and Purpose

7 Thoughts about the Search For Meaning In Life
Make Stories, Not Goals

Mental Health and Energy

How to Avoid A Mid-Life Crisis In About 10 Minutes Per Day

The Higher

7 Emotional Developments Needed to Be Open to Eternal Life

Time and Ageing

7 Things I Appreciate About Time Passing

More to come!