Passionate Income Project

For now I will think of my quest to earn more money in less time-consuming and more satisfying ways as a ‘project problem’, like the ones we solved at university.

On this page I’ll list the posts that deal with this research, for the benefit of others in the same situation.

Prologue (Or: My Movie)

Current situation (July 2017) (Or: Balance Between Passion, Purpose and Profit – Status)

Identification of Research Field (Or: I Momentarily Felt Anxious About My Prospects for Success)

Problem Definition and Motivation (Or: Today I Wanted To Switch Work, Income, Life – Immediately)

Research Questions (and Some Answers) (Or: Minor Questions About Why I Fucked Up My Career So Far)

Analysis of Causality (Or: How I Sabotage Myself from Earning Money)

Perspectivization (Or: Where Does Passive Income Lead?)

A Critical Look at (Passionate) Passive Income
– How People Actually Do It (Or Don’t)
– How Much People Actually Earn
– and How Much Active Work they Actually Put In
– and What It Means For My Efforts

Excursion (or: I’m Amazed How Difficult It Is)

Deconstructing my Income-goals (or: Drop by Drop)

Searching for a new Income Goal that Works (or: The Square)