To Inner Power

This is the beginning of a Mega Guide on Inner Power (yes, I like capitalization … ).

I will do it as I have the time, pulling material from my research posts and expanding on it.

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The 10 Principles of Inner Power

Let’s jump right into it …

The list below is a compression of what I currently call the 10 principles for Inner Power (which means the ability to consciously create more happiness, peace and joy in your life at any given time).

Okay, they are more like imperatives, if you want to be strict about definitions or grammar, but what the h… I mean, if you don’t act on a principle, what worth is it?

Anyway, these 10 principles function well for me at age 43 (almost 44) and with my particular background, being a white male living in Northern Europe, in a steady relationship (20 years+) and having one son, toddler-size.

They may very well function differently for you if you are in a different context. Or be wholly different!

Even so … I still dare to imagine that there are universal foundations in all of these principles, so at least some of them will be useful for … everyone.

Let us see!

Here are the principles, then – in a short list form, and with links to the research posts that accompany each:

  1. Accept that the best course to feel happy is to try to consciously change your experience of events – not events themselves. (Post 415.)
  2. Set future goals that don’t give you stress in the present.  (Post 416.)
  3. Control what goes into your mind. (Post 417.)
  4. Shape the way in which you think. And the speed. (More on that in post 418.)
  5. Cultivate positive thought habits. (Post 419.)
  6. Only do major problem solving when you are rested. (Post 420.)
  7. Don’t judge yourself. Or others. (Post 421.)
  8. Maintain lifelines for hard times – especially friends. (Post 422.)
  9. Learn to wait to get angry. (Post 423.)
  10. If it’s dark, light a fire. (Post 424.)

We shall now look at each principle in turn …