4. Only Results

I went downtown again today – to the office KIA has offered prospective entrepreneurs, without or without registration anywhere, to network and work for 3 months.

A┬ánew group of unemployed, receiving insurance benefits, are given the chance to mingle with ‘the real entrepreneurs’ there. I am one of them.

That is part of the pitch when the insurance organisation, KIA, sold the new office space: You see, we could get “inspiration” from the pros!

It is also, in a more practical sense, par of the insurance organisation’s adaptation to new times when it becomes more and more common to be a hybrid worker –

– sometimes freelancing,

– sometimes employed for longer periods

– sometimes selling services or products from your own company.

Anyway, we’re already half-way into that 3 month period and I think I begin to see clear patterns in the ways people work, their ambitions, and how they behave:

There are some people who I don’t click with –

– some who outright annoy me –

– some whom I don’t understand –

– some who I feel are very unsuited to be there at all –

– and more –

Whatever the case, this is just like any other real life space with lots of different people gathered to do Something, more or less together:


In more than one sense.

Still … there is a sense of camaraderie overall, of a shared mission, of … homeliness.

That is the benefit such a shared, physical workspace gives, even if you in that space have all sorts of different tenants such as

…entrepreneurs already making money but taking this for the cheap office space it is …

… people working their dayjobs in other people’s offices and then coming here to moonlight it with their entrepreneur-dream …

… and the officially unemployed like me who just want to see if they can get off ground – somehow – with their own ideas for a little company and make some money finally …

Really, I feel like I do have ‘colleagues’ every day when I ‘go to work’. I feel at ‘home’. I feel like we are somehow ‘comrades’.

I feel a welcome and almost cozy routine by going to this office.

Which means it’s damn important to remember that feelings like this don’t count in my situation.

Only results do.