110. Seven Defining Characteristics of Deep Friendship

1) A friend knows. Knows me.  Knows changes. Knows time. And cares. And I know that he knows and cares.

2) Friends grow old in the right way. For the right purpose. Like something you drink that warms you for a long time after. That’s worth ageing.

3) There are exceptions, but the rule is probably that it is dangerous to confuse colleagues and friends.… Read more

108. Eight Considerations that Will Help You Set the Right Price for Your Services

This is the first list-post of mine, although I had sworn I’d rather die than ever make one. But I thought it would be a service to future readers who are looking for more direct advice from my experiences – how to use them to help themselves. So here goes!

This one is about how to set the prices when you are just starting out delivering services as en entrepreneur with your own company or freelance-act.… Read more

415. The Start of Inner Power

Continuing to deal with my shortage of (blog)-time, which feels better than my first, while I help take care of Jay full-time with all its joys and limitations … 

I’ll write, of course, if anything happens in any of part of my life to really upset the status quo, but otherwise I’ll concentrate on this new project – when I have the time – for the rest of the time – that I’m a full-time dad.… Read more

456. My Blog or Your Blog?

My, my, as I write this I certainly feel it – another severe case of imposter-syndrome or whatever it is called; doubt … that The Blog is going to be of value to anyone.

And since I haven’t gotten around to carve out more time for connecting with other bloggers or potential readers much, to test my assumptions about the value or not … well, there is room for all sorts of doubts.… Read more

455. The Album Maker

Written on 20 March this post is indicative of … problems. At least with regard to keeping up blogging, and blogging about something that is … good. Meaning valuable. Meaning something I can believe is good and valuable for others.

With regard to catching up on both The Blog and my life, so to speak, things are messy right now and I don’t really know where to begin.… Read more

452. Enter … The Log

Okay, so now I have made the momentous decision to shift from trying to do every post as a sort of log or diary to only do it for select posts – with our without some Big Reflection on a Given Topic added to whatever I could want to share with you from my daily life on that particular date.… Read more

441. Stopping Infections

No earth-shattering changes from the status quo today, so why not take time to look into my note archives and focus on some topic of importance from my life in these past years?

Yeah, why not?

Here’s the first bit I found:

I’ve noticed that when there’s something big that stresses me (moving to a new apartment and family illness and career concerns), I inevitably end up stressing about many smaller things as well:

Should I draw more?… Read more