Dealing with Anxiety

  • 436. Doing It

    February 13, 2018

    And now, today, I felt again afraid that I - for some reason - would not make it. Would not draw all the things I really want to draw. Or write all the things I really want to write. Very afraid ... And I think I know why ... 
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  • 402. Thoughts About Expectations

    January 10, 2018

    I think maybe it is helpful that we are relatively old parents and that I have gone through an evolution myself with regard to how I value the company of other people. In my early 20s for example I really did not like family get-togethers.
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Inner Power

  • 427. Now

    February 4, 2018

    Make a decision - try something - no matter what. And even if it does not work it usually leads you to think about or remember or even learn something that does - to solve your problem. Sitting around thinking and obsessing and fearing usually leads only to more thinking and obsessing and fearing.
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