A list of important posts … about where I currently stand …

On what is most important to prioritize in my life:

388. Renewed Vows


On making a more meaningful and profitable business:

373. Time and Heart

On prioritizing business and taking care of family:

455. The Album Maker


On what art project (drawing etc.) to prioritize – and how:

370. Hammer Time!

376. Not Force

379. On the Balance Track

On how to find the right motivations for art projects in general:

383. The Right Motivations This Time


On my mother’s illness – which is no longer quite there:

368. The Purpose of Chemo


On how to get more readers for The Blog – maybe:

365. A Year and The Beginning of Connecting


On how to deal with the feeling that I lack money:

359. Cold Heads Prevail


On the purpose of my relationship in the future:

356. Battleship Dreams

On how to make my relationship better right now:

389. Sweetness


On what I have learned and decided in the last 100 days or so – and where next:

350. Looking Back (iii)


On the purpose and meaning of The Blog:

380. On