537. Not the Law of Brainwashing

People who don't do affirmations about money either have enough money, or too little self-confidence to experiment with a world-view that might get them labelled as cranks. Either way, who cares. I'm just saying it works for me. Now. In this way. And I am sharing it so it can work for others, if they want. There may be a 'Law of Attraction', but certainly no Law of Forced Brainwashing to my Silly Worldviews!

535. Only That

Fear does not create what I want. Regret does not create what I want. Backtalk does not create what I want. Endless self-analysis does not create what I want. Anger does not create what I want. Shame does not create what I want. Only creating what I want creates what I want. And thinking it. And saying it. Only that.

527. Affirmations and Being Present

But back to the other point: Do affirmations conflict with the ideal to stay mindful in the present, what I call to build "The Experience"? It depends, I guess. If you do affirmations formulated like the one above ("is xxx") I don't think so. But the manner in which you do them is also important. If you do them in the way you would use one of those de-stress balls you can squeeze, I don't think they will hurt your experience of the present. Depending on what the affirmations are about, they will more likely tend to keep out stressful thoughts about, say, money - which would otherwise conflict with your attempts to enjoy the present! But of course if you use a different set of words, and if you struggle and strain while saying the affirmations ... then all bets are off.