401. Course Set

I am still only doing Hammer and Magic - art and illustration bits - in my spare-time when I need to relax. I am going to be deliberately and hopelessly "unprofessional" about how I work on this project, because I know from experience that ... nothing else works, if I want to stay motivated under the circumstances of my life. If I can make a buck from some income stream or other attached to the site where the story and other things reside - then fine. If not the project will have served its purpose anyway, namely to give me energy when I need it. And give me the opportunity to express that desire to do epic storytelling (and illustrate it a little) that apparently I cannot escape (nor do I want to). I won't rule out ever publishing on Amazon again, but my desire just for control alone seems a far cry away from the raw deals The Company is offering authors these days. And I don't think it will help to just sit down and hope they will treat authors better in the years to come.