559. No Alternative to Dreams

This one is from 2005, as I still don’t have time or energy to draw new stuff. What a way to start my Lines project, but I suppose it’s somehow … fitting.

Currently, I feel overwhelmed with the need to find work immediately to pay bills and contribute meaningfully to family and pay off debt.… Read more

558. Shadowy Reminders

14 years ago I did this and never finished, right before I ended up in hospital. It is part of a larger pic, obviously.

I tried to finish it tonight, and then failed immediately.

Then I did some photoshopping on it, hoping I could do some … avant-garde-ish collage-shit with mist and effects and make it look like that was my intention all along.… Read more

554. The Lines

This is a start, then. I call it The Lines.

It will run for as many days as I like, and when I like. With comments, thoughts, streams … about the drawing, and life in general.

And along the way there’ll be explanations, of sorts.

For now, here is Tatiana Rasputina – from some distant volume of my current story – Hammer and Magic – which may or may not be finished ever.… Read more

488. Cease

After much too much consideration, I think I feel more strongly than ever now that I should just give up … this struggle to ever make money full time from any creative endeavor.

You know parts and bits if you’ve read. Why I am thinking again about this.

But it really feels like it gives me what I want right now to just do my best at making business full time as a webdesigner and then taking every possible moment of free time that I need this energy to do some of my creative projects.… Read more