334. When They Come

Remember how I wrote the other day about my sudden feeling that maybe – just maybe – I could begin again to write a story again and earn some money on it and express myself meaningfully through it? Well, today of course started the first doubts – again.

You probably also remember how I mused about doing it all in just a blog, where the story was one piece of the blog and a lot of informational articles, reviews etc.… Read more

332. Using Belief For Others

Brunched with a good friend today, FS, who told me that his son had been ill for 3 years with bad kidneys when he was an infant. We were talking about our kids, so the topic came up naturally, but it made me think, in a good way, about how fortunate we are that we ‘only’ have to deal, so far, with Char’s relatively superficial health problems (her hand).… Read more