386. Seeds

A day of resting and restoring after that first Christmas eve with Jay, thinking about how my mother is doing, and all the things I still have to do – soon – in business, in everything.

Such days, however, are a good opportunity to test my new approach to creativity, by thinking a lot about the Hammer and Magic-story, making myself really excited about writing the next segment down.… Read more

381. Imagining What Will Be – Now

I have a hard time restraining myself from writing – or drawing – now that I have the time, in principle. But I manage.

And I move forward with the office-creation here on the 1½ square-meters in room 1 of our apartment. I have the shelf with the printer and scanner in relative order and I have built a small file cabinet I ordered yesterday.… Read more

370. Hammer Time!

Another day all family, but with time to think of how to find and use time not with the family whilst carrying laundry back and forth. It is a delicate act but I am learning it.

Okay, so I have written at length about this and I don’t really feel like going back through all my posts trying to find the correct summary or ensure consistency.… Read more