15. No Further Explanation Needed

Today, I had the feeling that our unborn son was now ‘in our lives’ – more than before. Like he was more real. Already living with us in a sense. It could ‘just be psychological’. We’re halfway. We’re getting more and more used to the thought of having a son. Whatever the case it was a good feeling. It doesn’t need further explanation of its foundations.


1. The Best Position

Two people, out of the blue, approached me and gave me hope there was a demand for my services in my planned company, after I had struggled with myself about this issue for many hours and come to a decision:

I felt like despair but decided to affirm that I would get help eventually. Was this coincidence? I think not, but does it matter, if it works? Even if these people had not ‘popped up’ as quickly as they did after I made this decision to nurture faith and not despair, it would at least be a mindset that had given me a better, calmer place inside from which to fight – to make what I wanted real.