488. Cease

After much too much consideration, I think I feel more strongly than ever now that I should just give up … this struggle to ever make money full time from any creative endeavor.

You know parts and bits if you’ve read. Why I am thinking again about this.

But it really feels like it gives me what I want right now to just do my best at making business full time as a webdesigner and then taking every possible moment of free time that I need this energy to do some of my creative projects.… Read more

141. Clearances

Nothing like working and waiting for the moment when you become a parent. All that and the whiffs of a midlife crisis.

Or at the very least considerations. About where I want to go from here. (And they are urgent enough to warrant writing about.)

I wrote earlier about my idea of a ‘kingdom of the soul’, or a ‘soul goal’.… Read more