110. Seven Defining Characteristics of Deep Friendship

1) A friend knows. Knows me.  Knows changes. Knows time. And cares. And I know that he knows and cares.

2) Friends grow old in the right way. For the right purpose. Like something you drink that warms you for a long time after. That’s worth ageing.

3) There are exceptions, but the rule is probably that it is dangerous to confuse colleagues and friends.… Read more

56. Stories for a Rainy Day in Lima

I first received a copy of the story in 1998.

I had arrived with my then very-new girlfriend, in Lima, Peru.

It was back when you still wrote letters, and I got this package from the local post office and boy – I was in the 7th heaven.

A real letter from home – with a story, and … well, it was just such a great thing to receive so far away.… Read more

52. Special Days

The rivers of the day have flowed a bit further towards their known destinations:

Merchant account in bank – check

Talk about how to get a ‘good’ birth, and what to do if not – check

Worked on company website (asset building) and marketed it – check

Trained, as I increasingly do, how to approach the day mindfully, especially its dull chores – check

And more.… Read more