68. More

Sometimes, more than often, I find myself a bit … low.

In terms of feeling ‘energy’.

It happens with no discernible reason behind it.

I should have slept enough, eaten enough, etc.

Maybe. But still … no clear reason.

Everything feels like drudgery. Life itself even …

I know deep inside, though, that these feelings must be a reflection of something real – if nothing else, then how most of the world sees itself:

Like we are all just droning by life, trying to get enough to do – so we don’t have to think too much about tomorrow or the wider world.… Read more

38. The 9 Wonders

In the evenings, after many years, I’ve finally decided just to draw. Who cares if it’s pretty?

So I draw a story again, like I did in my younger days, say, from 1988-1994-ish.


It’s a story, I just make up as I go along. About a girl who can travel between parallel universes.… Read more

34. Planet Earth

Watched an episode of David Attenborough and BBC’s Planet Earth II, which I bought ‘for’ J.

Well, I guess I really bought it for myself, maybe for Char when on maternity. But it’s nice to think that I can use this – one day – to show him some of the wonders of our world.… Read more