372. Easy and Hard

Dragged an old drawer Char has inherited from her mum back down from the attic, because we don’t have enough space – even with our new mega-cupboard. Jay’s toys and clothes are already piling up, but I don’t think that’s so much of a problem anymore. In fact, it feels easier and easier to clean up and let go of our stuff, and also to decide which of his things to keep.… Read more

89. As It Turns Out

So last night when I came home after a friendly meeting with PL (which was wonderful), I felt … a lot better.

Not so much because of the meeting but because, I strongly suspect …

  • that I had not checked email all day except in the morning and during a few workhours for a client when I had to check some of his instructions
  • that I had not checked news or anything else on the Internet all day since morning
  • when I had only checked the national and BBC, plus searched for blogs that I’d like to comment on …

And I didn’t do any of that either when I came home.… Read more

69. Gossamer Light

“Take these dogs away from me … before they bite!”

That’s a line from a song, but it could’ve been a good line for this day on the Journey.

For I felt absolutely on the edge of rotten today.

Dunno exactly why, but as I’ve explained before I sometimes wake up and feel extremely ‘low on energy’, more edgy, more irritable, more anxious.… Read more

5. New Order

I had difficulty sleeping in the early hours, as so often these days.

My mind was racing, feelings with echoes of anxiety throwing my focus around like a pinball – and very much away from sleep.

I think it’s a combination of old scars from the days when I was hospitalized perhaps further back, and natural nervousness about becoming a father – a major life change.… Read more