394. Five Remembrances About Meaning and Purpose for this Year

Continuing my attempt to zoom in, over several posts, on what is and should be important in 2018, I will now wrestle a bit with Meaning and Purpose.

I have had a look at the previous conclusions from about 6 months back and the ones below seem the most resonant for the coming year:

  •  I believe that it is not really possible anymore, as I believed when I was younger, to really change the world in my lifetime only contribute to some level of flow of positive change.
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351. Refocusing The Purpose

Lots of work today for an old client who returned to buy some more help for his webshop, so that is not important only good. What is important is trying to sum up some good observations from my recent Looking Back-exercise (which also includes a great deal of looking forward).

Here it is then … a very key part of my life right now – the reason I am doing The Blog:

It is blogging that gives me the sense of strength; that I reflect and feel deeply about something with a view to the silver lining.… Read more