444. The Secret of Relaxation

I had some time to myself today, and I don’t even remember why. Char and Jay were with … some family? I can’t remember, but I can remember that I felt to … frozen to really put it to good use.

You know the feeling right? If you haven’t relaxed in days and all of a sudden somebody says “you know have 3 hours to relax – use them well” … then it takes time to wind down.… Read more

375. The Problem Itself

Another ordinary workday on all fronts, so I felt it right to try to sum up how the hell I want to balance life and art – from now on.

Yeah, from now on …

This day. Not another day.

Well, I’ve tried for a few days with my new super-focused use of spare time (again – usually not more than an hour each day), and here’s the rhythm I have found to work so far:

During the day I can watch YouTube-videos but primarily on business matters, such as advice for WordPress freelancers.… Read more

354. A World of Good

Char and Jay left to go out for a medical appointment and then down south to Char’s mum to stay, while I finish the borrowed house’s cleaning and some workers for the nth day renovate in our apartment block.

I had to drive back and forth to The Big City with all the stuff we had brought out to the borrowed house in the Provincial City over almost 2 months, and was very tired when I finally got home.… Read more

321. Despite the Mist

I had thought the days immediately after some closure on my mother’s new cancer would be a gradual feeling of sliding down from the heights of fear, but instead it was more like a plummet – into a valley of problems I had suppressed so far.

Like I had decided somewhere in my mind that even though this was hard enough, then the op would be successful and my mother would make a full recovery, in time.… Read more

283. Life Remembered

Worked in the Royal Library on my next live-talk about Alexander Selkirk – the ‘real Robinson Crusoe’ – and got afraid that I might forget to do things like this in the future.

You see, I’ve really had to make an effort of will to take this time off, with no new customers, my credit being chipped at each day and not being quite finished with two previous customers.… Read more

142. How to Avoid A Mid-Life Crisis In About 10 Minutes Per Day

We’re still waiting for Jay to come, and doing all sorts of preparations, and then … sometimes just waiting. That’s how it is for first time parents, I’m sure.

And tonight I’m tired because of clients and family visits and said preparations, so I found a post I wrote before any of this ‘father-stuff’ was into the picture.… Read more

44. Rejuv

I’ve been thinking lately of how big a place rejuvenation has come to take in my life.

You see, we all have our ‘drug’ that rejuvenates. And we all need it.

Mine is reading books about battleships and then some comics every evening – that and a good whiskey. Right after I’ve done everything else.… Read more