420. Do It Like This

It basically boils down to timing of your effort to feel better. I suppose that only comes from experience, or mostly. But it is then more important to repeat and try to drill into my own mind, and maybe yours if you can use this advice:

Don’t try to re-plan your life or solve a major problem, if you are low on energy, physically and mentally … !

Get sleep first. Get food. Get a good walk. Watch a movie (but only one) … Talk to a friend whose company energizes you.

Do something like that – and then find a quiet time and spot to consider your options for new jobs, new relationship, new life purpose, new … Anything Important.

Do it. Like this.


418. The Poem of the Mind

This principle should then be about controlling the manner in which you think. Or speed. As the tin says.

It has a profound effect on inner calmness and clarity and peace of trying to slow down your thoughts, like you were trying to use them to write a poem instead of just letting all thoughts be a buzz or a cascade that drags you along.

So. That. Is. It. About. That.


416. Still No Hostages

Future goals are important, yes, but if you stress about them so much that they diminish your life quality in the present for months, perhaps years, then what are those goals worth?


You need new goals, or at the very least – new ways of achieving goals.

So this is also a major factor in both inner peace, but also the whole shtick about achieving happiness by working on your experience of events first and second on changing those events, or accepting them – depending on the context.


415. The Start of Inner Power

If I can change my inner experience of any given event or situation, I have mastered it. And one experience that I really want as ‘basis’ is an experience of peace, so events that happen and affect me adversely (like getting fired) will not affect me as powerfully emotionally. That peace is both dependent on a peace that has been established before an adverse event happens, by building up a resilient worldview (if we can call it that). It is also a peace that comes from building up a habit of dealing with an adverse event in a positive way, mostly or wholly. Meaning: If I can learn to interpret an adverse event in different ways, I have effectively eliminated its adversity, partially or wholly.