291. The Most Dangerous Thing

An old friend of mine, MRN, once said to me that the most tragic thing about people was if they had reached a state of mind where they could not see that life – theirs or that of others – could be any different.

I’ll qualify this statement a little, but not much: As I went to bed last night I thought about what was really holding me back from realizing some of my goals, aside from annoying customers and annoying people in general.… Read more

286. Balancing Beliefs

Spent the day trying to work, again, although I had promised to keep weekends off. It was not a good or efficient work-day, nor a good family day, then.

But I felt I had to give one last effort to do more on the live-talk about Real Robinson, because there had been so many interruptions during my ‘week off’ to do this very project.… Read more

244. Drop By Drop

Taking my first break from Robinson Crusoe-posting, I simply need to say that maybe I have fucked up all this time – trying to find more enjoyable ways to make money.

At least as regards the way I’ve tried …

I was thinking that if I don’t feel good still, perhaps worse, than when I started trying to find that way to make money in a more enjoyable, passionate way, then perhaps my goal is wrong – or the way to the goal is wrong!… Read more