483. Pride Priorities

But if more “pride” really is what is missing (too) after a year with a baby and all sorts of other distractions, then right now the next thing I want to prioritize that can make me proud of myself – and her more proud of me – is just that boring old thing:

To go out there and earn money for the family.

And it is the right priority now.

Then there will be other times when the other priorities must be higher.


403. An Important Remembrance About Sex

And I can say it just like it is: If you cum while masturbating to porn or with someone you hardly know there is a sure-fire void after that, right there in the middle of your chest where your heart is supposed to be. It’s not a sin. It is not a disaster. And your hands definitely won’t fall off.

But if you cum while having sex with someone you love – in a way you both love – then that orgasm can go all the way to the heart. And even if it doesn’t, you feel your heart more than you did before you had sex. Not less.

Banal, I suppose? And yet it can be excruciatingly difficult to remember.