486. Not Installed By The Machine

A question (in a forum):

“Every day I have an idea for a movie, sketch or TV show (usually involving people I know) and it makes me wish I had a machine that could translate my scenarios and ideas into a visual medium that others could watch.

Does anyone else ever wish they had a machine that could put their ideas into reality (movies, TV shows etc)?”

My reply:

I don’t think any machine can substitute storytelling, styling or layout experience (yet).… Read more

383. The Right Motivations This Time

Char came home with Jay and they had had a good trip down south to the family, and the rest of the day was pretty much waiting and prepping for the other big trip this month – to my parents’.

Everything else is on standby, as expected.

I’ve been thinking about under what conditions a creative project equals stress, if I can’t work on it, like on a day like this.… Read more

336. The Way Forward

A lot of driving, to fetch Char and Jay from family birthday down south and then go home and fall asleep very tired – after doing all the usual baby-stuff. But before noon I had some time to myself and even though I had to do dishes and laundry I got thinking about my vision again …

Yeah, about that story on a blog with all sorts of what-not-articles on it as well – mostly reviews of other articles.… Read more