435. Waiting for Reality

Met an old friend, ESK, for the first time in a long time tonight, for tea and a sandwich and a talk. About how she is stressed at work, as usual, and has asked for new assignments with less managerial responsibility. Again …

I seem to be having this conversation with her every few years, and she is ill more and more often, in so many ways.… Read more

295. Maintaining Lifelines

Stress handling is NOT about trying to gain immunity from stress – that is silly and counterproductive.

It’s about as quickly as possible regaining balance and calm when problems bring you out of balance – make you angry, confused, overwhelmed, etc.

“Getting back into balance when you’ve been knocked about is as important as learning not to be knocked about.”

Your Lifelines are just that – a kind of first aid kit which is healthy and gives you a quick break and some energy.… Read more

256. Breathing Space

Rough day yesterday, between Char and I. The stress from too much work, too much baby, and too many events had not faded enough – even after the baptism – and made me angry at a great many things.

But we survived, again, as we have done so often in our 20 years together.… Read more