614. Going Forward

I felt very strongly that I had to divide my life into three perspectives:

1. What helps my overall life purpose
2. What helps me pay the bills from day to day and support my family
3. What gives me energy and is fun

Sure, I’d love to not have to do any of the work in no. 2 category, but it worked better once I found  a way – and I think I have – to meet my needs with no. 1 and 3: Purpose and passion.

“The way”: Basically a little more creative conclusion on each of these subjects – passion and purpose – than before … 

I knew about Joan of Arc as a role model. I have known about her all my life. I have wanted to be like her. But now I feel I can. I can be the essential part of her – the trust-in-the-Higher-part.

And my God (pun intended) – it feels good to be serving myself more of the good stuff: Drawing. Deliberately. Pushing other people and priorities out of the way.

What went wrong until now? Why didn’t I get it as right until now as I feel I am getting it now? 

I have to go back and look (in older posts), but right now I’d rather go forward.


484. In Plain View

“A girl only sixteen years old,
(Is this not something supernatural?)
who notices little the arms she bears
for she has been brought up for this,
so strong and resolute and natural.
And not one of her enemies can stand up to her
and instead they flee before her and run.
She does all this in plain view of everyone.”

– The Song of Joan of Arc by Christine de Pisan


471. Choose

To once again remind myself that if I find myself in such a situation the best solution is not to try to sit down and analyse what is most important and then use 1 hour to do that and then have one hour left to do it.

The best course is just to choose.

And do it.

And choose something I know will give me positive energy.

So there it is once again. It’s Joan of Arc.

But it could have been other things.

What is it for you?