236. The Troll President

I just had the thought that Donald Trump is like one of those kids with ADHD I’ve looked after in earlier years, in various special kindergartens.

He doesn’t mind anger and outrage as attention as long as it is attention. Because everything is about Donald Trump, it was never about America – much less the Republicans (a party he has not supported until recently).… Read more

186. Not Any Less Precious

Yesterday, I heard ex-FBI-director Comey’s testimony in my earphones whilst working on a customer pitch in the Royal Library (because I had tired of the regular office space).

Today a lot of people shout ‘Watergate’ and a lot of other people don’t seem to think it is so bad yet – for the US president.… Read more

64. Summer is Coming

I just read about something new and awful Trump has been doing and saying, Gawd help me. I know it won’t help one bit, reading about all his BS.

What I know will help a bit, though, is remembering that I was born the same summer that was to be President Nixon’s last in the White House before Watergate forced him to resign.… Read more