588. Now I Won’t And Good Riddance

One weed that has bothered me a long time is Donald J. Trump. Both before and since his election I’ve been spending, say, an hour at least per day following his merits, or lack thereof.

Hoping, I guess, he would somehow do something that was terrible enough to get booted out, first of the election then of the White House.

Well, he is doing lots of terrible things and saying even more terrible things.

And the truth is that he will still do that whether or not I junk-read news about him. So that stops right now.

I won’t spend a minute more of my life polluting my mind with focused reading about this man. Why should I?

I mean, if he blows up Latvia because their president didn’t retweet one of his bullshit boasts then I’ll be sure to find out soon enough.


553. What We Feel About Trump

Hopefully the Trump experience (or whatever you wanna term it) can lead to some change of lasting value, like parts of Trump’s base finally getting that it is not helpful to them or anyone else to be absurdly uncritical of such a flawed candidate.

Or parts of the the anti-Trump voter segments finally getting that if they want to avoid another Trump they might want to concern themselves more with how people who wanted for Trump think and feel and what their problems are. In sum: less polarization in US society and not more.

Currently, that looks like a very fragile hope as far as I can see, but I’m keeping it up anyway. What else is there to do?


236. The Troll President

I can’t do anything about Trump, except perhaps write this and hope somebody will find a more constructive way to stop him from doing bad with his present power, than writing a 25 column scathing op-ed about his latest tweet. (For that will only make him stronger!)

I can remind myself, though, not to feed other trolls whenever I see them, especially on the Internet. And that the best way to starve those trolls into nothingness is to starve them off attention.


186. Not Any Less Precious

There are a lot of other wishes out there that make the world go round, though, and mine is not decisive. I have to accept that. 

Be that as it may. It doesn’t make my little wish for a new American president – who is actually worthy of the job – any less precious.


64. Summer is Coming

There’s a scale on which I believe you have to go back and forth all life. If somebody behaves in a way that is unacceptable to you, and you don’t have to please them because you fear them, should you then try to understand and please them because you have a moral obligation? Because their behaviour, like anger, is a veiled disguise for a positive intent, like wanting to be respected?

Or should you demand that people also live up to a minimum standard to gain that respect. A standard of behaviour you set.
The answer, as with everything else in life, is blowing in the wind and will differ from time to time.

It is not always right to try to respect people no matter how outrageously you think they behave. It is not always right to not care about them.

The the question in politics, and in life.