• 101. You Buy Me Things

    March 15, 2017

    I'll experiment with my prices and some things I won't do, some things I will. Other things I will regret doing for that price, and still other things I would like to repeat - like my historical talks:350 bucks for 2 hours of enjoyable work - let me have more of that! But aside from food and shelter for ourselves and our son, I bloody won't be constrained by having to chase a certain kind of client with a certain size of wallet, not because I'm more interested in them or a better match with my skills. But because they are able to pay my rent for an apartment with three extra rooms I don't use.
  • 93. Where Does Passive Income Lead?

    March 8, 2017

    This is perhaps the most important search of all. Because we spend so much time thinking about how to get more money, more easily. Not so much thinking about what we would actually do if we didn't need money.
  • 91. My Movie

    March 6, 2017

    What better thing is there to do? Better than giving something you are passionate about to the world, and being given money in return? Not much I can think of. One answer there. But so many questions remain. Perhaps, though, this is the time in the movie of my life when they are going to play "The Eye of the Tiger" while I go out to jog again and get into shape. Instead of going to play again or watch a video and try to hide from the fact that I'll be 43 soon and haven't figured out much yet. I don't want to see the latter movie, so I'd better make my own.
  • 25. Number Games

    December 30, 2016

    I thought it would help me to think ‘it is easier earning a small amount than a bigger amount’ when starting my company. Because those first few thousands of dollars would be hard, and more dollars would be even harder. But it made me feel depressed and demotivated to think of earning only 3000 dollars a month. However, I have found out that if I imagine a goal of 6000 dollars a month I feel *much* more motivated, - although I know with my rationality that it will be twice as hard. To a certain level, the reward is more important than costs of having to work harder. The level of 3000 also reminded me too much of all the time I have been struggling to achieve just that - survival - level of income per month. Perhaps that is the real answer to why I am motivated to leave it behind - however much I have to fight for it.
  • 1. The Best Position

    December 6, 2016

    Two people, out of the blue, approached me and gave me hope there was a demand for my services in my planned company, after I had struggled with myself about this issue for many hours and come to a decision: I felt like despair but decided to affirm that I would get help eventually. Was this coincidence? I think not, but does it matter, if it works? Even if these people had not 'popped up' as quickly as they did after I made this decision to nurture faith and not despair, it would at least be a mindset that had given me a better, calmer place inside from which to fight - to make what I wanted real.