Meaning and Purpose

  • 195. What I Have To Do With My Life From Now On

    June 18, 2017

    Life is meant to be good, despite the obvious times when we have to accept is is not. Why is it meant to be that way? Because we choose it, dammit.
  • 163. Make Stories, Not Goals

    May 17, 2017

    I feel that life should be lived as if you are handed a book with certain chapters already inserted. They have only headlines: birth, youth, marriage, family, work, middle-age, life crisis 1, life crisis 2, old age, death. Or a combination similar to that. Life should not be a book with pages already filled with both birth-youth-marriage-family-success-at-work headlines and many notes or even passages about how each chapter will play out in advance. And then the sequel, old age an death and the spin-off - life crises - they are all shelved somewhere. You know those books are in the library, but you don't really want to have a look in them, so you pretend they don't exist. I want to pretend they exist. I want to pretend I have the full story in one book, with fixed headlines but no filler, because work no. 3 might make me happier than work no. 1 which I originally imagined. I want to be open, but also aware that I have a duty. I have a duty to fill out all the chapters, string them together into a story that makes sense and gives me comfort.
  • 159. Reaching the Goal, Starting the Journey

    May 13, 2017

    We have to change the story about the brutal birth of Jay, because we need stories to be beautiful and about more than what came out of it - Jay. We need them for our sake to be more than just the goal. We need them to be about the entire journey, too. But the journey is disjointed. Perfect sailing, then storm and drowning and then reaching the island after all does not match. Something needs to tie it together, in a new way. Something ... But it takes time to find that something. As it should. Fortunately, we can count on the best help to find a new story about the brutal journey to becoming parents. And as we get to know Jay well, it will all become clearer.
  • 141. Life Goals 17

    April 25, 2017

    I want to create something worthwhile that can contribute to the world, with my girlfriend. We have some ideas and plans. And we need to make good on them. It's never too late. And more importantly, it's one of the reasons, I believe, that we are together.
  • 127. Seven Thoughts About the Search for Meaning In Life

    April 11, 2017

    This is one of my list posts - with actionable advice on a given topic.
  • 121. Messages in a Bottle

    April 5, 2017

    And this blog is an exploration of that journey, to find a balance. And even if I don't succeed, and in a way I believe I never truly will, then it will have done what I came here for: It will have helped you to find your own balance. A 'you' somewhere out there, across the seas.
  • 120. Hidden?

    April 4, 2017

    So what if it's annoying that somebody hid the good parts of life? The knowledge of how to make it work better? In so many respects? Isn't it the best to believe that there IS something hidden that can be found? Always?
  • 90. Threshold

    March 5, 2017

    At the very least, I'll have to get an absolutely clear understanding of what and how much I need when it comes to money, passion and purpose. That I don't feel I have now. There can be no more vagueness, or just waiting around for these things to become crystal clear. And when they have, that is half the battle won.
  • 86. Adrift

    March 1, 2017

    Maybe we are both adrift. But being adrift together can and should and will help. Two pairs of eyes can better spot the light of land, in the dark.
  • 79. The Rock

    February 22, 2017

    It's one of the nice things about middle-age. About age in general - if it hasn't killed you. You can be the rock for someone else. In so many ways ... Who are you a rock for?