• 53. The Story of Spindrift

    January 27, 2017

    The point is that my future just got more solid, more real, with all its ups and downs. Because I decided to chronicle it. Is that a good thing? For me, personally? I'm not sure. But it feels ... like it's going to be more meaningful simply because I weave it into some artifact for you to see after I am gone. Weave with my words ... After all, isn't that what we all long for, to be part of a story that has meaning?
  • 43. Resonances

    January 17, 2017

    The resonance of how you feel about life, for better or worse, is often found in the songs you listen to, over and over again. On levels only you know, even if you don't fully understand them all at once. Such a song therefore echoes in your heart and your mind, in ways you recognize - and only you. But sometimes the full recognition takes 25 years. Or more. Sometimes there is more to come, if you stay with the particular song and explore it, as life goes on. It will give off new reflections, new echoes, new resonances, and you will recognize them all. It need not be a song. It could be anything really. What is it for you? The song sends echoes in your heart and your mind, in ways you recognize - and only you.
  • 12. The Blessed Curse

    December 17, 2016

    Certain friendships and certain stories, have a very powerful effect on us in childhood and we keep coming back to them, hoping to find the heart from long ago in them. Even when our minds tell us it’s long gone.It is a testament to the power of the heart which is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because the power of heartful experiences by and large is what makes life feel full and rich. It is a curse because the initial experience can be so powerful that it keeps us locked in. It keeps us looking for the faint glow of the original experience. It keeps us looking for new embers which might use to fan the old flame ... ... long after we are supposed to let it go and kindle a new fire in another place. But on average, perhaps, it is a blessing that remains. For that is where it started.