107. Your You-Bank Account

Tuesday I awoke and felt everything ‘collapsing in on me’ – the little office corner in the house was still a mess.

Also, I had accounting to do, a course coming up in the evening (where I teach), work tomorrow … and through all of that an incessant yearning to just write.


Tell stories.

And somehow open up another income stream on that, down the line.

Of course, it may not be necessary, as I have written about previously – to create ‘passive income’. I don’t want to be ‘passive’. Not outright.

But it surely is, I feel more and more, necessary to create income streams that are more fun to maintain. And although I am apparently not cut out to be a novel-writer, I seem to do well on shorter stories, even linked shorter stories. So why not try that again?

I already am, as I have written about in earlier posts. Only that morning, it was like I felt … frozen inside.

All the chores, all the business, all the preps to do before Jay. There was not room for me to write – to nurture my soul, or even to found a new income stream. Not for any sensible reason.

It was only urgent and right now-stuff that seemed to press in on me, and I feared that it would repeat itself over and over again.

In such a situation you can only do one thing: Use your will. Stop it.

The world won’t go under, clients won’t ditch you, your spouse won’t disown you because you take half an hour to go to your soul.

Do that. And not Facebook.

And so I wrote – very fast – another instalment in that new-new story, I’ve begun.

And it made me feel like I could go through with other, less meaningful but still necessary things … for the rest of the day.

It’s so banal, really. Do something first. Just a bit. That gives to your soul. That builds up something important for the long-term.

Do it often. Repeat it.

There is still time enough for The Rest.

Just. Don’t. Freeze.

It’s not that bad. It rarely is. You are not in Somalia, you know.

And so I stopped and wrote. I stopped and paid myself first.

And then went on with The Rest.

That is a formula that rarely fails. In fact, if it is a medicine, I’d say it is not taken as much as it should.